Nisbets is the leader in the UK for mail order Nisbets catering equipment as well as catering supplies. Taking based in Avonmouth and Bristol, Nisbets expanded its business in several countries in Europe and in Oceania.

In 1983, Andrew Nisbet noted the need for companies to sell the entire range of products necessary in catering. Many students across the country catering to the same things they needed: a pair of shoes, pants, a hat, a coat, and a set of knives, but has no power company to buy from. He started knocking on doors catering colleges, who needed this request. At first it was just a list price that later became a product catalog that shows the key elements and still sell them today.

Store Locationsnisbets

Nisbets operates with two large warehouses located in Avonmouth and in Bristol with a chain of shops in Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Brighton, Leeds, Cambridge, Bristol and three other locations in London.

They now have offices in Ireland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Australia, which export department serving over 100 countries around the world.

Product range

Nisbets deals with supply of kitchen products for restaurants and home users. Their range of products covers all needs, from industrial equipment catering establishments catering older, such as cars warewashing, refrigerators, freezers and cookers, as well as smaller items such as beverage machines, blenders cars and for the preparation of food. They also provide a wide range of cutlery, crockery, numerous glassware, barware buffet and show, essential supplies and kitchen utensils such as knives, pastry items, dishes, clothing and furniture.

Nisbets of its commitment to process all orders the same day they are received, and offers free shipping day by most of the UK. Nisbets were awarded by Restaurant Magazine with the distinction of “Distributor of equipment of the Year” for 2009 and