fix catering equipment

fix catering equipment

Do you need to fix catering equipment?


Fix catering equipment? For engineers who deal is repairs of catering equipment and want to improve their professional training will initiate a course that will address in detail the repairs, services and maintenance of all equipment on the can find in restaurants, hotels, hospitals or small businesses that are composed including the kitchen are not negligible, domestic.

We will try to present some basic principles in the process to fix catering equipment .It is neither difficult nor difficult to fix catering equipment in only knowlege and patience!

Organoleptic method of diagnosis

The first important aspect that you must keep in mind is to check preliminary catering equipment to determine and locate the fault. Also by organoleptic inspection we find anomalies such as broken seals, wire connection severed, lack or destruction of parts of the machine. By this method we can detect visible damage but is not all yet.

Search sequential method of damage

Most of catering equipment are in normal operation on a sequence of operations that car in the cyclic operation execute them.
For example, a dishwasher should run these you ahead: flooding the tank with water, its controlled heating, cleaning, draining and refilling used it with clean water, mixing it with detergent etc ….
By this method we can not perform surgery locate the catering equipment and move to the next location and method of diagnosis.

Search method in block component failure

Each catering equipment consists of functional blocks each having a well defined role in the overall functioning of the machine. Example of functional blocks:
power supply, programmer, thermostats, protection systems, pressure block, block water drainage, building control etc …
This method will locate the component that prevents unit operation.

Very important!

With the damaged component identification and buying one must seek the reason that led to its failure!

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